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Freight Brokerage

     Our freight brokerage got it's start to help enhance the service and reach of our asset based trucking. As we continue to outperform and provide excellent service on our asset based trucking side, we have been given more and more opportunities to haul our partners freight using either our trucking or brokerage side. Our brokerage allows us to partner with our close carrier partners to help provide better service for all of our freight partners. For example, it allows us to quickly recover some of our loads (as allowed) in the few instances of truck breakdowns/emergency situations that might effect our service for our freight partners. Our brokerage also allows us to help cover any expedited runs that our partners needs help with, whether it be a last minute run being added, or if another carrier of theirs breaks down and needs us to use our resources to help recover. Our freight partners are essentially our customers, and customer obsession is our mission.

     Have freight that you need help covering? Please follow the link here:

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